Sunday, 29 April 2012


On Thursday spent the day at the study centre at the V&A to handle some of their vast Pugin archive Its always exciting to be confronted by archival boxes and the anticipation was worth it as there was some wonderful items to look at. It was all part of the support structure offered by Caroline of Camac Design around the wallpaper competition that year 2 nuca textile students are undertaking. I became specially engaged in a small book of designs for furniture after looking at an ecclesiastical catalogue in the British Galleries before i went in the study centre. I think that I am interested in creating designs for a box-like structure that could not be made – gothic tardis – and then thought about the idea of minimal gothic. But most of the time I became really aware of the idea of heritage and felt really manipulated in that if I thought what does the monarchy look like? or englishness created in the technicolor films mainly with Stewart Granger or Richard todd in them – it would look a bit like the boxes of Pugin material – all those bold designs of roses and entwined rope.