Wednesday, 14 September 2011


a day in Colchester at firstsite tweaking the design for the Berryfield mosaic print – photo credits, proof reading etc and then onto the printer to check all is okay as the design is quite complex with several folds, cuts and over 70 lines of perforations. it’s all go in the new space setting up everything from the kitchen, the shop and the first show - it was a real joy to work there - it’s defiantly a place to organise meetings in and generally hang out
managed to get a chance to look at the leaflet of a show i saw at Tate modern last week - contested terrains – a show from Africa that creates a number of narratives – i was taken with a two screen slide show by Kader Attia - open your eyes - on one side images of broken objects including wooden and ceramic vessels that have been fixed with wire stitches and on the other images of early facial plastic surgery from the 1st world war – both before and after images. the juxtapositions created a wonderful overall narrative along with the specific pairings.