Tuesday, 11 January 2011


a spectacularly good two days of teaching – Monday working with Surface Design at NUCA exploring the concept of assessment – which involved creating huge and unwieldy assessment criteria for fruit! – then in the afternoon looking at promotion of practice – from the practical –issues around visibility including the blog and business card to the more conceptual and ethereal questions such as what is your role on this earth?

today has been the second session around the MA Book Art students presenting their project proposals – joyous – a day of fantastically creative and thoughtful ideas – my favourite feedback question was - is the focus for the work to be around validating intuition as a methodology – the idea of transposing context for the found and evaluating chance? straight after I quickly got up to Holborn for a meeting at the Art Workers Guild to discuss the proposed wallpaper competition that The Wallpaer History Society and Sanderson are running and students at NUCA are taking part in. a really interesting exhibition of the finalists work from last year was on display as well as background support material, including the sketchbooks.

the exhibition at Suffolk New College University is on and they have picked the work they would like to show – so in theory there will be some sandblasted stone, printed silk and a bookwork on show.