Sunday, 11 July 2010


after a week of assessing the masters at camberwell and then running seminars and organising for final shows at norwich it was good to see some work by others – the opening of the old art school space in ipswich (where i worked before it was closed down) - showed work from the saatchi collection - it was well hung but the speeches stuck in the throat when the politicians talked about supporting a new renaissance for the arts in ipswich when the exhibition officers post was recently cut at the town hall galleries, the arts in schools advisor post terminated at the county council and the buildings schools for the future programme, where creativity highly valued within the designs, decimated – anyway a more honest experience was to be found at the museum of east anglian life with the gypsy roma traveller talent quest finals -– some wonderful music from the polish roma community – the dance house in ipswich held big dance goes east - – introduced by angela rippon – the academy kids were excellent and zoonation very professional but the highlight as ever was new art club - – if you ever see them advertised anywhere do yourself a favour and get to see them - i once saw them at lattitude where they created a dance piece mixing saturday night feaver with IRA kneecapping wearing with balaclavas you had to be there to believe it!