Friday, 22 January 2010


writing this at a meeting at Snape Maltings of the arts futures the arts community strand of Alde and Ore futures project . it is a collection of artists who have come together in an attempt to respond to the future environmental issues in line for the area where we live. i am unsure if this group is aware of what it is attempting to be part of – what is its intention? – if it has one – the conversation has turned to the value of the landscape – the emotional attachment and connection to landscape humans have – i am interested in exploring questions like what is the role of the artist? what do we as creative people bring to the issues?
the meeting appears to have no agenda – or maybe that is the agenda. the question of a conference galvanised Laurence Edwards and helped formulate a focus – what is the best way to relate to ‘conference’ – it was fascinating to see people concerned about upsetting people and how the creative voice feels marginalised in that we fear using our own language to communicate – but the idea that artists have mediated our understanding of landscape and issues of the sublime made me think – we look and ask questions – why not do that with the language of the consultant and environment agency? – so we have homework which looks like finding text(s) with a view to deconstruction – looking at the system itself – sounds interesting – we shall see.