Tuesday, 15 April 2008

display cabinet at NSAD

In the centre of Fedora, that grey stone metropolis, stands a metal building with a crystal globe in every room. Looking into each globe, you see a blue city, the model of a different Fedora. These are the forms the city could have taken if, for one reason or another, it had not become what we see today. In every age someone, looking at Fedora as it was, imagined a way of making it the ideal city, but while he constructed his miniature model, Fedora was already no longer the same as before, and what had been until yesterday a possible future became only a toy in a glass globe.
Invisible Cities, Cities & Desire 4
Italo Calvino

thought tools - working towards the space between – making expectations transparent

the model occupies a transitory space within the creative process - the material manifestation of an idea, laden with potential yet not fully formed.

this physical thinking enables a tangible exploration of the language of book; the ordering of space in time, sequence and the idea of the ephemeral.

the forms have content embedded within them from their conception, later the hand and brain engage to create narrative through manipulation.

les bicknell